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6:01 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - 190,000 Birds Euthanized in the Netherlands to Avoid Bird Flu Outbreak : Several countries are fearing another possible pandemic as the H5N8 virus, also known as the bird flu, is spreading across the world like wildfire. Netherlands has reportedly euthanized more than 190,000 ducks in the country in hopes of containing the virus and preventing any possibility of an outbreak.
5:29 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Tropical Bedbug Species Reappear in the US : After disappearing for 60 years, the tropical bedbug has reappeared in Florida, as confirmed by the University of Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researchers.
4:19 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Barcelona Puts Its Pigeons on Contraception : One of the tourist attractions in Barcelona and other parts of Europe is feeding pigeons in plazas and patios of historical landmarks. However, the birds have increasingly become a problem for the past decade as they tend to trash the city, turning it into a giant dump.
4:17 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - 'Fame' Is Good for Monkeys Too! Upward Mobility Boosts Primate Health : Fame is good. Well, at least, for monkeys. A new study suggests that the health of primates is partly determined by their "status" in their own social ladders, suggesting that upward mobility is indeed good for monkeys.
3:35 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Micromoths in Huge Trouble: The Dwindling Food Source of Hawaii's Philadoria Species : The Philodoria species is well known in Hawaii as micromoths that are roughly the size of a human eyelash. Chris Johns, a biology Ph.D. student of the University of Florida and a National Geographic explorer, has been striving to promote awareness of the plight of this threatened species due to their highly specific diet.
3:26 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Dogs on Weed? Pet Owners Using Cannabis-Based Products to Treat Animal Ailments on the Rise : Advocates of cannabis-based products to treat dogs and other animals suffering from anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer, and other ailments, are taking off.
3:11 AM (11/28) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Population Recovery of 800-Pound Groupers Not Entirely Welcome : After many years of a fishing ban in the U.S. on this endangered species, the goliath grouper population is recovering as sports fishermen and charter boat operators in the Keys report that the 800-pound fish has been causing big trouble according to National Geographic.
3:46 AM (11/27) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Born to Perform: Conserving the Jaguar in the Amazon : The central Amazon Jaguar Conservation Unit is the biggest jaguar stronghold in the world, but even here, biological diversity and jaguar populations can fluctuate. The Wildlife Conservation Society has recently presented a plan to help guide multi-institutional efforts in conserving the jaguar (Panthera onca) in the Amazon basin.
2:43 AM (11/27) NATURE WORLD NEWS - GPS Technology Helps Solve Mysterious Death of Scotland Seals : Harbor seals on the shores of Scotland have rapidly declined by 65 percent between 2001 and 2010. With the reduction currently at 90 percent, recent studies show that a toxin produced by algae is behind this strange mortality rate, all thanks to GPS technology.
2:10 AM (11/27) NATURE WORLD NEWS - No, Earth's First Farmers Were Not Humans but Fijian Ants : Have you ever wondered who invented agriculture? A new research from the University of Munich reveals that the first farmers on Earth millions of years ago were not human beings but, were in fact, Fijian ants.
6:38 AM (11/26) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Wine-Friendy Poop! Bluebird Feces Key to Healthy Vineyards in California : Research showed that bluebirds inhabiting the California vineyards are beneficial to the winegrowers after studying their poop.
6:32 AM (11/26) NATURE WORLD NEWS - 28-Foot Decomposing Dead Sperm Whale Washes on San Jose Island : The carcass of a giant, 28-foot beached sperm whale was found on San Jose Island and will likely to stay there while marine experts figure out what to do with the dead animal.
4:28 AM (11/26) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Endangered Dolphins Strengthen Thai-Cambodia Relations : Globally threatened Irrawaddy dolphins and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins inhabiting the Thai-Cambodian border served as ambassadors to promote the concept of transboundary Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) management.
2:40 AM (11/26) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Can Aggression Be Determined by Female Birds' Markings? : Researchers have found that the markings of female birds can tell us more than just their species and gender. Repeating a previous study has yielded a surprising discovery refuting what was thought to be a link between their markings and aggressive behavior when defending their nests. Published in The Auk: Ornithological Advances, the study reveals that the meanings behind the markings of female birds may change from one place to another despite a similarity in species.
4:26 AM (11/25) NATURE WORLD NEWS - US Shift Away from Coal Is Saving Tuna From Mercury Contamination, Study Finds : President-elect Donald Trump's stance against climate change is alarming after what appears to be reductions in environmental toxins in the Atlantic bluefin tuna.
4:15 AM (11/25) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Tragedy: Nowhere to Go, Elephants Seek Refuge at the Kalahari Desert : To escape death from ivory poachers and legal hunters, massive numbers of elephants are flocking Chobe National Park, Botswana.
4:04 AM (11/25) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Humpback Whale Stranded in Long Island Euthanized : After getting stranded for 10 days in the shallow waters of Moriches Bay in Long Island, authorities have euthanized the 25-foot-long humpback whale.
3:22 AM (11/25) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Winter Moths Are Coming: The Threat of Defoliation : The winter season isn't the only thing stripping leaves off trees and leaving them bare. Cold months also bring with them a veritable swarm of winter months, insects that could lay eggs and potentially cause another spring of defoliated and dying trees.
2:00 AM (11/25) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Common Asian Tree Frog Found in Japan May Be 2 Seperate Species, Genetic Data Shows : Japanese scientists have discovered that a common species of Asian tree frog may actually be two separate species based on their genetic data.
8:33 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - NOAA Research Ties Dissolving Shells off US West Coast to CO2 Emissions : Most people aren't familiar with pteropod,s but they’re very familiar with the fish that eat it. Commercially valuable fish such as salmon, sablefish, and rock sole all consume the pteropod. However, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and partner scientists have linked the concentration of human-caused carbon dioxide in waters off the U.S. Pacific coast to the dissolving of pterapod shells.
3:59 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Hitting Rock Bottom: The Strange Burrowing Habits of Sandstone-excavating Bees : Scientists have discovered a very unusual species of bees: the Anthophora pueblo doesn't live in your typical beehive. Instead, it goes to great lengths to excavate its nests in sandstone.
3:57 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Cats Locked Inside a House Forced to Eat Each Other to Survive : A home in Adelaide, Australia was recently raided by local police as there had been reports that more than 10 cats had been locked inside a woman's home. According to reports, the cats were starved to death and were forced to eat each other to survive.
3:26 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - The Gender Game: How Road Salt Changes Frog Population Sex Ratios : Gender is such a big issue that it isn't confined to just humans. Researchers from the Yale and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered something extraordinary about frogs: chemicals in road salts used to de-ice paved surfaces alter the sex ratios in nearby frog populations.
12:39 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Your Pet Dog Have 'Episodic Memory' Too, Just Like Humans : A recent study published in the Journal of Current Biology has found strong evidence that dogs have “episodic memory,” or the amazing ability to recall events from the past, even seemingly unimportant ones at the time it happened, just like their humans.
12:19 AM (11/24) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Wobbly Planet: Earth's Surface Acted Like Liquid Upon Impact With Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid : The powerful asteroid that wiped off the dinosaurs on Earth 66 millions years ago caused the planet's surface to vaporize and act like a liquid, a new study reveals.
8:50 PM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Heavyweight Crustacean: Coconut Crabs Can Pinch Like Lions, Lift More Than 66 Pounds : Scientists reported on Wednesday that Birgus latro, the largest land-dwelling crab in the world, are so strong that it can pinch at about 750 pounds of force (3,300 newtons) and even lift 66 pounds.
5:29 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Humpback Whale Stranded in Moriches Bay Could Be Euthanized, Officials Say : The Moriches Bay sandbar in New York has been home to a humpback whale for the past few days, and experts and marine preservation organizations are fearing for its life.
5:11 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - LOOK: The Great Barrier Reef and Its Annual Mating Festival : A truly remarkable annual event, corals in the Great Barrier Reef have a mass spawning at about the same time every year. It has been dubbed as the Great Barrier Reef's "annual mating season" since it is when almost all the corals around the area mass-reproduce.
3:59 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Surprise! Dozens of Mummified Baby Crocodiles Discovered Inside Ancient Egyptian Mummy : The ancient crocodile has been preserved for 2,500 years. It turns out, so has 48 of her baby crocs.
2:58 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Cat Got Your Tongue: The Feline Tongue's Unique Shape and Flexibility : Watching the antics of cats may be a form of relieving stress for most people, but a group of researchers has taken this pastime one step further by becoming the first group to 3-D print a cat tongue mimic at 400 percent scale.
2:54 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Marine Microalgae: Food and Fuel of the Future : Researchers from the Cornell Algal Biofuel Consortium have just promoted a new ingredient in the battle against global warming as well as food and energy insecurity: marine microalgae.
1:30 AM (11/23) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Thanksgiving 2016: Archaeologists Unearth Evidence of Turkey Domestication in Mexico 1500 Years Ago : Thanksgiving is soon approaching, but have you ever wondered when turkeys were first domesticated? Archaeologists from the Field Museum have discovered the first evidence of domestication as offerings 1,500 years ago.
6:40 AM (11/22) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Adorable Miniature Pigs and Sheep Help Out in New Zealand Winery : Are these the cutest animal helpers ever or what? Kunekune pigs and babydoll sheep contribute to the upkeep of the Yealands Winery, nibbling on the weeds and providing natural fertilizer. Plus, they’re too small to snack on the harvest.
3:32 AM (11/22) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Natural Sunlight Could Increase the Toxicity of Oil Spills to Wildlife : Ultraviolet radiation from the sun could exacerbate the toxicity of the contaminants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from oil spills.
2:00 AM (11/22) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Duck Duck Choose: Ducklings Have 2 Separate Memory Banks of Visual Information : In a new study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, scientists from the University of Oxford discovered that when a duck gathers visual information with one eye, that short-term information is not available when the other eye controls behavior. How did they find out? By observing how newly hatched ducklings that are shown a substitute mother object with only one eye do not recognize it when they have only the other eye available.
4:44 AM (11/21) NATURE WORLD NEWS - LOOK: Real-Life Version of Niffler in J. K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' : Harry Potter spin-off "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" dominated the box office this weekend, and everyone fell in love with the film's cute beasts. Most of the creatures are just a fantasy, but one beast called the "Niffler" may actually be true to life.
3:25 AM (11/21) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Nature's True Colors: Nanotechnology and 3-D Printing Color Replication : Inspired by the vivid colors of the blue tarantula, scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, with the help of their international colleagues, have discovered a method to replicate nanostructures that generate the same color regardless of the viewing angle.
3:19 AM (11/21) NATURE WORLD NEWS - French Air Force Turning to Eagles to Tackle Drone Attacks : In the fight against armed drones that could possibly be used in a terrorist attack, the French Air Force has turned to a new and unique type of special force: eagles.
2:00 AM (11/21) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Study: Why Being Ticklish Depends on One's Mood : The sensation of being tickled is something that polarizes people. While some enjoy the mild sensation across their skin, others do not appreciate the involuntary shrieks and fidgeting that comes with tickling. Nevertheless, whether it is enjoyable or unpleasant, the reason for laughter as a result of tickles remains a mystery.
2:30 AM (11/20) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Corals of the Caribbean: How Corals with High Genetic Diversity Survived Climate Change : Scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have discovered one group of corals that survived the Caribbean coral extinction between one and two million years ago continues to adapt to future climate changes because of their high genetic diversity.
2:20 AM (11/20) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Thousands of Dead Fish Suddenly Show Up in a New York Canal : Locals on Long Island, Southampton woke up to an appalling sight on Monday when they saw thousands of dead fish bundled up and floating in a nearby canal.
2:10 AM (11/20) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Will Climate Change Affect Arctic Whale Migration? : A study published by researchers from Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and a team of scientists is evaluating the relationship between changing sea ice and beluga whale migration. They are also assessing the summer residency patterns of a number of populations over two decades of dramatic sea ice changes in the Pacific Arctic. Working in collaboration with Native hunters in Alaska and Canada, the researchers discovered that beluga whales showed an ability to deal with a changing environment.
8:25 AM (11/19) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Can Animals Taste Light? New Type of Photoreceptor Found in Invertebrates : Scientists composed of an international team spearheaded by the University of Michigan has presented a new type of photoreceptor in animals that is 50 times more efficient at capturing light than the rhodopsin in the human eye. This photoreceptor is just the third to be found in animals, specifically a family of taste receptors in invertebrates.
8:43 AM (11/18) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Evidence of Dairying Discovered by Researchers Along Mediterranean Coast : A team of researchers has found evidence that humans have been utilizing milk and dairy products across the northern Mediterranean region approximately 9,000 years ago.
5:38 AM (11/18) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Inexpensive Fishing Technique to Reel in Expensive Fish Through Condoms? : It is now a trend in Cuba to go fly fishing along the bays using inflated condoms.
5:25 AM (11/18) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Prince William: 'Horrifying Number' of Animals Still Poached in Modern Times : The Duke of Cambridge delivered a speech at an international convention in Vietnam, and he highlighted the need to end the worrying increase of animals being poached up to this day and age.
4:55 AM (11/18) NATURE WORLD NEWS - 80,000 Reindeer Starve to Death as Arctic Sea Ice Melts : In the space of one decade, abnormal weather patterns in Arctic Russia have resulted in the death of 80,000 reindeer due to starvation. What’s even more shocking is the speed with which it happened: 20,000 deer died in 2006 and 61,000 animals starved to death in 2013. In total, that’s 22 percent of the whole reindeer population in the Yamal peninsula.
4:02 AM (11/18) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Fourth Reindeer Species Discovered in Canada : Researchers confirm existence of a fourth unknown reindeer in Canada
7:51 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Tigers Are Dying Out: Over 100 Are Killed Each Year Amid Alarmingly Low Population : A large chunk of the tiger population dies every year and countries aren't slowing the slaughter down.
7:25 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Fishpoclypse: New York Canal Overflowing with Dead Fish : A massive fish kill carpeted the Shinnecock Canal in Long Island with countless dead menhaden fish, or bunker fish, on Monday morning. Residents and scientists are still investigating the strange demise of tons of bunker fish, an event that's been nicknamed the 'fishpoclypse'.
6:39 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Study: Pigs Are Either Optimists or Pessimists With Occasional Mood Swings : Pigs are much more like humans than you think.
3:00 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Fountain of Life Found? Old Mice Revived by Human Teenager's Blood : Could it be that the long search for the Fountain of Youth is already over? The fountain that we thought to be more like a spring that can automatically change an old person into a young one may probably be coming from us, specifically in our own stream of life -- our blood. In a recent study conducted by Alkahest, a California-based biopharmaceutical company, they found that a component of the human blood, the plasma, has significantly played a role in rejuvenating old mice.
2:51 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Seabird Poop Could Keep the Arctic Cool, Scientists Say : Bird droppings may help keep Arctic temperatures cool. According to one study, ammonia-rich bird droppings have a cooling effect on Arctic temperatures.
2:32 AM (11/17) NATURE WORLD NEWS - The World's Saddest Polar Bear Gets a Reprieve, Temporarily Removed From Chinese Mall : Finally, Pizza the polar bear is saved from dismal living conditions in a shopping mall as she's temporarily moved to a zoo during renovations. Animal rights organizations are calling for the transfer to be permanent.
8:50 AM (11/16) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Mysterious 'Polar Bear' Bodies Washed Ashore Thousands of Miles from Their Home : According to reports, three huge and mysterious carcasses were seen along the west coast of Colonsay, in the Hebrides, in August. Due to their size and possibly white fur, locals from the tiny Scottish island believe that they are bodies of polar bears.
4:50 AM (11/16) NATURE WORLD NEWS - A Moo For Help: Earthquake in New Zealand Leaves 3 Cows Stranded : The Internet will always have a ready supply of animal videos for people to enjoy. Who could forget recent viral videos like the dramatic Penguin Love Triangle and death defying Iguana Jones. Now, another animal video has caught the attention of the internet on the heels of a natural disaster. Helicopter footage captured over the demolished farmlands outside the New Zealand town of Kaikoura has revealed three cows stranded on their very own ‘island’ after Monday's devastating magnitude 7.5 earthquake.
3:07 AM (11/16) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Newly Discovered Species of Miniaturized Tropical Salamanders Found Extinct : Researchers have found three new species of miniature salamanders from the mountain forests of Oaxaca, Mexico.
1:57 AM (11/16) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Talking Animals? Study Discovers Speech Gene is Not Limited to Humans : Is there a possibility that other species besides human beings could talk too? A team of scientists has discovered that the specific gene for speech is also present in mice.
1:52 AM (11/16) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Fish Have Feelings Too! Personality Tests Can Boost Fish Reproduction : In a research recently published in Royal Society Open Science, researchers from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography have discovered that the way deal with stress is determined by their personality.
8:03 AM (11/15) NATURE WORLD NEWS - World's Rarest Turtle Saved After Being Swept 4000 Miles Away From Home : One of the rarest tropical turtles in the world has been lucky enough to survive even after being washed away for 4,000 miles from her home. The turtle found on the Menai Strats at Angelsey, North Wales is normally seen in the Gulf of Mexico, and now vets have kept the creature at a specialist zoo.
3:20 AM (11/15) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Tooling Around: Wild Chimpanzees Use Branches to Fish for Algae : Man is known to possess reason and intellect, traits that motivate us to observe if other organisms in the world might be similar to us. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany shared their recent discovery after observing wild chimpanzees in Bakoun, Guinea: they go fishing for algae with long and hefty tools.
2:51 AM (11/15) NATURE WORLD NEWS - You Save Money When You Save the Elephants, Research Claims : Africa is known for its great savannas and exquisite wildlife, including the sought-after elephants that freely roam on the continent's horizon. But alongside this, poaching and elephant killings are rampant, and according to recent findings, spending some for elephant conservation can actually mean saving and earning more.
3:52 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Happy Feet! New Zealand Town Creates an Underpass Just for Penguins : Small blue penguins in New Zealand are certainly getting a lot of love. Just recently, an underpass was created especially for them to protect them from vehicles and afford them a bit of privacy from gawking tourists.
2:34 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Under the Microscope: Babies in Weird But Astonishing Forms : Yes, babies are cute and cuddly, and they are one of the most beautiful things that parents cherish and are proud of. But can you imagine babies with hornlike head gears, spikes, or even a glow-in-the-dark characteristic? You'll be needing microscopes.
2:10 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Scientists Create Wireless Brain Implants That May Soon Help the Paralyzed to Walk : A team of scientists working with monkeys has created a wireless brain implant that could help paralyzed monkeys walk again.
2:10 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Unicorn Whales' Sonar Secrets: Narwhal Is the World’s Best Animal Navigator : Narwhals are a species of toothed whale that are most closely related to the beluga whale. The males have evolved an extra long left canine tooth that can grow up to 2.7 meters or 9 feet long and bursts through the upper lip and protrude from the head like the horn of a unicorn. In a research published in PLOS One, it was revealed that narwhals have the most directional sonar of any species on Earth.
2:00 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Scot-Free: Professional Hunter Who Helped Kill Cecil the Lion Acquitted by Zimbabwe Court : Zimbabwe court has cleared Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who assisted American hunter Walter Palmer and killer of the famous Cecil the Lion, of all criminal charges.
1:53 AM (11/14) NATURE WORLD NEWS - India's UP Khadi Puts Big Sale on Ivory Ignoring Trade Ban : Oblivious to the ivory trade bran, Uttar Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIC) Deputy CEO A K Shukla invited everyone to the ongoing Khadi Mahotsav in Lucknow, which features the sale of artisanal items made from elephant ivory by locals.
7:46 AM (11/13) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Deformed Wing Virus, A Major Factor to High Mortality Rate Among Honey Bees : Scientists have identified a new threat to bees: the deformed wing virus.
7:28 AM (11/13) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Man's Best Friend: Owner Fulfills Dying Dog's 'Bucket List' : It is normal for people to have a bucket list when they find out they only have a few months to live, but who would have thought that a dog can have one too?
3:33 AM (11/13) NATURE WORLD NEWS - DNA Study Suggests How Dog Became Man's Best Friend : Scientists discover the roots of friendship between dogs and humans.
2:57 AM (11/13) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Study Pinpoints Rats' Tickle Center in Their Brain : Just like humans, rats have been observed giggling when they are tickled.
2:36 AM (11/13) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Herbivorous Mammals Have Bigger Bellies Than Their Carnivorous Counterparts, Says New Study : A team of researchers from the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Zurich (UZH) has revealed that herbivorous mammals have larger bellies compared with their carnivorous counterparts.
5:14 AM (11/12) NATURE WORLD NEWS - ALERT! Leprosy Found to Infect Red Squirrels in British Isles : Leprosy is widely known as a highly contagious disease. Caused by a microbial infection, it has been found in endangered red squirrels across the British Isles. But experts claim that what the red squirrels have are not lethal or infectious to humans.
3:52 AM (11/12) NATURE WORLD NEWS - WATCH: Real-Life Jurassic Park? Japanese Company Unveils Robot Dinosaurs for Theme Park : Itching to meet a T-rex face-to-face? It could become a reality as dinosaurs are set to come to life in Japan.
3:39 AM (11/12) NATURE WORLD NEWS - IUCN Red List Is Incomplete: Remote Sensing Data Shows Hundreds More Species in Danger : The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List has been the standard for determining the effects of a changing world on biodiversity since it was founded in 1964. But a recent study has revealed that more than 200 bird species in six rapidly developing regions are at risk of extinction even though they are not included in the IUCN Red List.
3:32 AM (11/12) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Bear Saliva: Scientists' New Source of Data : A new study has made waves in the scientific community by documenting the ability of researchers to gather bear DNA from residual saliva left on salmon carcasses, providing wildlife biologists with a new database. Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the scientists believe their study can provide a significant boost to research on the population and health of brown bears.
3:07 AM (11/12) NATURE WORLD NEWS - 'Mud Dragon': New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Southern China via Dynamite : Earlier this week, Chinese builders unraveled a well-preserved dinosaur fossil that turned out to be the first specimen of its kind.
10:50 AM (11/11) NATURE WORLD NEWS - How Climate Change is Drastically Changing All Life on Earth and It's Bad News : A new study reveals that human-induced climate change, which results in temperature changes worldwide, have drastically affected the genes and ecosystems of lifeforms on Earth.
4:45 AM (11/11) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Something Smells: Birds' Keen Sense of Smell Causes Plastic Ingestion : Researchers from the University of California, Davis have discovered that an olfactory cue catches the attention of the birds and convinces them that marine plastic is food. In a recently published study in the journal Science Advances, the reason behind ocean-faring birds ingesting large amounts of plastic has been revealed: marine plastic debris emits the scent of a sulfurous compound that some seabirds have relied upon for thousands of years to tell them where to find food.
3:20 AM (11/11) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Paralyzed Monkeys Can Now Walk via Brain Implants : This new technology helps paralyzed monkeys to get up on their feet and walk.
2:50 AM (11/11) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Starfish Invasion Resolved! Killer Robot Now Screening Great Barrier Reef : Large-scale coral cover depletion in the Great Barrier Reef has been attributed to different factors, and one of them is due to the invasion of the crown-of-thorns. Just recently, updates on the terminator-like robots which hunt down these COTs shed hope on resolving the invasion including additional future upgrades for better performances.
2:10 AM (11/11) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Lucky Catch! Fishermen from Oman Discover Giant Rare Whale Vomit Worth $3 Million : Three fishermen from Oman have stumbled a very rare and precious catch: a giant lump of ambergris or whale vomit. The ambergris weighs more than176 pounds and is estimated to be worth $3 million.
9:40 PM (11/10) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Scientists Trace Giggling, Ticklish Rats to Good Mood and 'Tickle Center' in the Brain : Ever wondered why humans burts into an involuntary laugh when tickled? A new study reveals that the same effect happens on rats too, and it may be traced to brain activity.
4:07 AM (11/10) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Trump: America First, Animals Last? New US Government Poses Great Threat to Animal Welfare : Now that Trump is already in his place, elected as the new president of the United States, animal welfare activists and similar groups might be on the quandary of losing their own fight. Trump's threats posed to the animals of America, including the pets of over 80 million Americans, could possibly be in peril.
3:48 AM (11/10) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat Is The World’s Fastest Flyer : The Brazilian free-tailed bird (Tadarida brasiliensis) weighs just 11 grams and doesn't look to be the fastest animal in the world. However, this tiny-winged mammal can hit speeds of more than 100 miles (160 km) per hour.
2:00 AM (11/10) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Weird: Alien-Like Parasitic Worms Explode In Cricket's Body To Perform Orgy : The grossness did not end in the explosion part. Apparently after managing to free themselves from the dead cricket’s stomach, the crickets started to do an orgy.
2:30 AM (11/9) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Iguana Jones: Iguana's Deathdefying Snake Escape Video : Footage of a marine iguana escaping death was featured on BBC's Planet Earth II, a wildlife documentary series narrated by David Attenborough, a sequel to the acclaimed 2006 documentary of the same title. It showed how marine iguanas that were hatched on the Fernandina Island in the Galapagos are in danger from the very first moment they crawl out of their shells.
2:10 AM (11/9) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Gay Penguin Couple Celebrates 10th Anniversary : Just when the internet was shocked by the drama of the penguin love triangle, another penguin relationship has restored people's faith in love. Dotty and Zee, two Humboldt penguins who call Bremerhaven Zoo home, are celebrating their 10th anniversary together. Dotty and Zee are also both male, and their loyalty to each other has drawn the attention and admiration of many.
1:31 AM (11/9) NATURE WORLD NEWS - US Elections 2016: Animals Choose Trump Over Clinton : From various polls and different models and predictive simulations, the 2016 U.S. election has been one of the most important highlights awaited not just by the Americans but the whole world. We've seen enough of the surveys telling who might win, but now can psychic animals tip the lead?
8:59 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Believe It or Not: Mammal Life Longer in Enclosure, Studies Say : According to the theory of Charles Darwin, it is the species who adapts best that will survive. With news that a god percentage of mammals could survive longer in enclosure, has mankind affected the balance of the environment positively?
8:48 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Koala Found in Bag of 50-Year-Old Woman in Brisbane Airport : It is common for travelers to take home nifty souvenirs from places they have visited. However, who would ever think that anyone would attempt to bring home live animals, let alone Koalas, as keepsakes?
8:26 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Mysterious Two-Headed Sharks Becoming More Common, No One Knows Why : Two-headed sharks may seem to be a rare phenomenon, but they do exist. To make matters even more surprising, a growing number of such sharks have been spotted in many years of late; however, scientists are perplexed for their springing up in huge numbers.
2:40 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Save the Elephants: Most Ivory For Sale Comes From Recent Poaching : Researchers discover just how widespread poaching still is as they found that most ivory in the black market come from elephants killed less than three years ago.
2:30 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Mutant Mice May Unlock Mysteries of Sleep : Scientists have found the first step toward discovering the biochemistry that controls the switch from wakefulness to sleep. The first unbiased genetic screen for sleep defects in mice has resulted in two interesting mutants: Sleepy, which sleeps excessively, and Dreamless, which lacks rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.
2:10 AM (11/8) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Hippo Hippo Hooray! Hippopotamus Population Recovering from Poaching : After decades of conservation efforts, the common hippopotamus population has finally recovered after years of poaching. The good news was announced in a newsletter published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist Group.
3:13 AM (11/7) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Penguin Love Triangle: Video of Bloody Battle Between Penguins Goes Viral : Just when the world started to adopt movies with themes on cheating and third parties, now animals seem to follow the same craze as well. The video recently captured by the National Geographic on a fight between two penguins due to unfaithfulness has gone viral on the world wide web.
2:19 AM (11/7) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Climate Change Can Turn Frogs Vegetarian : Scientists have discovered that increasing temperatures can affect the dietary choices of frogs. Researchers at the Universities of Lisbon and Uppsala studied the behavior of three kinds of amphibians to discover what effect heat waves can have on their diets.
2:18 AM (11/7) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Not Twilight! Vampire Bats Develop a Taste for Pigs, Possible Health Threat to Humans : Vampire bats have a penchant for the blood of wild pigs, and it could have disastrous effects throughout Brazil.
3:51 AM (11/6) NATURE WORLD NEWS - Woodpeckers Never Get Headaches Despite Constant Pecking -- Here's Why : Over 300 species of woodpeckers in the world peck wood for a number of reasons. It may be to drill holes for food storage, dig for sap or insects, or simply unearth nest cavities. But woodpeckers do not give a direct hit, but gradual blows, which are not so hard on the creature.