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11:15am(11/28) JUXTAPOZ - Robin Eisenberg: Stars in Her Eyes :
Robin Eisenberg: Stars in Her EyesShe’s stoked on skating, sisterhood and Star Trek. Why wouldn’t Thrasher want to team up with Robin Eisenberg for an upcoming clothing line?
11:07am(11/28) JUXTAPOZ - Toback vs. Mailer: The Incident :
Toback vs. Mailer: The IncidentBetting, boxing, and boozing: this is the weird, true story of the time Norman Mailer confronted James Toback to argue about the difference between bourbon and scotch, setting off a years-long rivalry that climaxed in a stare-down during a tense Jets vs. Browns game and a couple well-placed stomach
09:39am(11/28) JUXTAPOZ - Alexis Anne Mackenzie "Never Odd or Even" :
Alexis Anne Mackenzie Using un-retouched found images which have been enlarged, or are pages taken directly from vintage books, Alexis Anne Mackenzie physically reworks, interweaves, and overlays images, resulting in her own highly personalized interpretations. In contrast to the imagery of composed floral arrangements used in previous work, the content in Never Odd or Even turns to the wild and
09:19am(11/28) JUXTAPOZ - Belin and Postneocubismo :
Belin and PostneocubismoMiguel Angel Belinchón, aka Belin, is a Spanish artist that has been doing realistic graffiti since 2001. Enjoying the creative freedom and big format of working on the street, Belin actively painting for years until he started playing with panels in canvases. Over time he started having second thoughts about his public work disappearing, so he focused more and more on a studio
12:19pm(11/27) JUXTAPOZ - Visions of Women from Camille Chew :
Visions of Women from Camille ChewA series of portraits of women representing astrological signs and figures from the tarot deck from NY-based illustrator, Camille
08:59am(11/27) JUXTAPOZ - Standing Rock :
12:16pm(11/26) JUXTAPOZ - Vintage Matchbox Covers from Japan :
Vintage Matchbox Covers from JapanA collection of beautiful vintage matchbox covers from Japan.
08:20am(11/26) JUXTAPOZ - "Bizarre Beyond Belief" by Pref :
12:15pm(11/25) JUXTAPOZ - Nadia Lee Cohen’s Hyper-Real Americana :
Nadia Lee Cohen’s Hyper-Real AmericanaNadia Lee Cohen lives in an alternate universe to the one we’re all familiar with. Her vision of 60’s and 70’s Americana is a hyper-real world, where everything is almost exactly the same as our own, but something’s slightly
10:32am(11/25) JUXTAPOZ - Scene Report: Los Angeles :
Scene Report: Los AngelesEach week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers.