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11:13am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - 2 powerful market forces could hurt Trump's plans : A strong dollar and rising interest rates are two major forces that could work against President-elect Donald Trump.
10:07am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - The legal path to Brexit just got even messier : The latest effort to soften the impact of Brexit focuses on whether the U.K. could remain part of Europe's internal market even after leaving the EU.
09:48am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - The OECD likes (some of) Trump's economic plan : Donald Trump's plans for the economy have won approval from a key group of forecasters.
10:22am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - Zimbabwe adds yet another currency : Zimbabwe has started printing bond notes back by U.S. dollars in a bid to ease a crippling cash shortage.
10:01am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - Uber drivers to join protest for $15 minimum wage : Uber drivers are planning to take to the streets in cities across the U.S. on Tuesday as part of a broader protest calling for a $15 hourly minimum wage.
09:18am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - Saudis believe Trump will unleash America's economy : Saudi Arabia is downplaying the need for OPEC to cut production, citing hopes that U.S. oil demand will jump next year under the new Trump administration's plans to grow the economy.
09:35am(11/24) CNN ECONOMY - The rich are winning the global economic recovery : Read full story for latest details.
06:32am(11/28) CNN ECONOMY - These people are opting out of Obamacare : With President-elect Trump vowing to dismantle Obamacare, some people who resisted signing up on the exchanges are feeling vindicated while other consumers simply don't see the need to sign up. Still, others are eager to take advantage of at least one more year of subsidized coverage.
05:43am(11/10) CNN ECONOMY - Minimum wage since 1938 : When the federal minimum wage first became law in 1938, it was 25 cents. Adjusted for inflation, that would be worth $4.19 today. Scroll over the chart to see historical minimum wage amounts, and their corresponding values in today's dollars.
09:37am(11/23) CNN ECONOMY - TPP's death hurts America and helps China + Russia : Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the TPP trade deal could benefit China and Russia while hurting America.
08:19am(11/16) CNN ECONOMY - Countries with higher wages than the U.S. : Some Republicans say high wages in the U.S. are hurting America's global competitiveness. See the countries where wages are even higher.
06:41am(11/24) CNN ECONOMY - India's cash crisis could kill its economic boom : India's decision to replace its two largest rupee notes will slam the brakes on its fast-growing economy.
08:49am(11/23) CNN ECONOMY - Deere plows higher on Trump construction boom hopes : Tractor and construction equipment maker John Deere has been hurt by weak commodity prices as farmers around the world struggle. But the stock soared on a better outlook. Investors bet it will be a Trump infrastructure spending winner.
07:21am(11/23) CNN ECONOMY - Brexit scorecard: The cost and complexity of leaving the EU : It's been five months since Britain took a leap into the unknown and voted to leave the European Union. How's it going?
07:25am(11/23) CNN ECONOMY - What about the black working class? : In all of the talk about economic populism and helping the struggling American worker this election cycle, one group has been largely left out: working class Americans of color.
08:25am(11/23) CNN ECONOMY - U.K. economy to grow at slowest pace since 2009 financial crisis : Britain reveals first official assessment of the economy since voters elected to leave the European Union.
06:23pm(11/22) CNN ECONOMY - U.K. jacks up minimum wage to $9.30 : The U.K. government wants to hike the national minimum wage by 4% to £7.50 ($9.30) per hour starting in April.
02:06pm(11/22) CNN ECONOMY - The bashing of Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure plan has begun : Trump gets props for proposing to invest more in the nation's aging, ailing infrastructure. But the plan he seems to back falls short in key ways, experts say.
11:35am(11/22) CNN ECONOMY - Controversy brews over Trump Tower in Argentina : Read full story for latest details.
05:05pm(11/21) CNN ECONOMY - Trump down to two choices for Treasury secretary : Nearly two weeks since Election Day, President-elect Donald Trump has narrowed the field of candidates for Treasury secretary to Steven Mnuchin and Jonathan Gray, multiple sources tell CNN.