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12:15pm(11/25) WEBMD - Elder Abuse Often Missed In ER : Up to 1 in 10 seniors affected, but harm or neglect can be difficult to identify, geriatric specialist says
02:18pm(11/24) WEBMD - Stop Your Periods With Continuous Birth Control : Birth control doesn’t just prevent pregnancy. It can also help with your periods. WebMD examines which ones can lighten them -- or stop them altogether.
10:17am(11/24) WEBMD - Diabetics Can Keep Disease Complications at Bay : Vascular expert urges regular doctor visits, eye exams, healthy lifestyle
10:17am(11/24) WEBMD - Consider Eye Safety When Choosing Kids' Toys : As holiday shopping season kicks off, here are tips on buying toys and sports-related items
06:22am(11/24) WEBMD - A Little Alcohol Each Day May Cut Your Stroke Risk : But drinking doesn't curb risk of every kind of stroke, and heavy drinking increases the danger, study finds
02:15pm(11/23) WEBMD - Strokes Decline in Older Americans, Rise in Young : Every generation needs to watch their blood pressure, researchers say
12:15pm(11/23) WEBMD - Can Surgery Trigger Rare Muscle Disorder? : Still, the likelihood of developing postoperative Guillain-Barre syndrome remains slight, researchers say
12:15pm(11/23) WEBMD - U.S. Kids Are Eating Healthier Now, But ... : Their salt intake has risen and veggies are still shunned, study finds
10:15am(11/23) WEBMD - Mercury Levels Dropping in North Atlantic Tuna : Study suggests industry emission controls may lead to healthier fish
08:41am(11/23) WEBMD - Experts: Wheat Sensitivity Is Real : Researchers are trying to find out why some people without wheat allergy or celiac disease still report sensitivity to wheat-containing foods.
07:51am(11/23) WEBMD - No Aloe Vera in Some Aloe Gel Products : No Aloe Vera in Some Aloe Gel Products
04:15pm(11/22) WEBMD - Enthusiastic Dads May Mean Happier Kids : A man's enjoyment, confidence in his role as father seemed even more important than time spent
12:32pm(11/22) WEBMD - Handle Stress for Help Against Hep C : If you have hepatitis C, you have enough stress in your life already. WebMD shows you some ways to handle that type of stress, and others, to keep you as healthy as you can be.
12:31pm(11/22) WEBMD - Hepatitis C: You Are Not Your Condition : Hepatitis C can make you feel anxious or lonely. WebMD shows you how to cut through the stigma of this disease and start to feel better.
12:26pm(11/22) WEBMD - 2 Doses of HPV Vaccine Effective for Younger Teens : Global study supports revised regimen for those under 15
12:22pm(11/22) WEBMD - These Medicines Often Send Americans to ERs : CDC cites blood thinners, antibiotics, diabetes drugs for nearly half of adverse drug-related events
12:15pm(11/22) WEBMD - Palliative Care Raises Quality of Life : Researchers find value for extremely ill patients and their caregivers, but add that it doesn't affect survival
12:15pm(11/22) WEBMD - U.S. Death Toll From Infectious Diseases Unchanged : Although new threats have emerged, the number of people dying from infections has stayed relatively stable
12:15pm(11/22) WEBMD - Zika Brain Defects May Show Up Months After Birth : Findings underscore need for continuing evaluation after prenatal exposure
10:15am(11/22) WEBMD - No Benefit From Routine Thyroid Cancer Screening? : Public invited to comment on draft recommendation, which is the same as one in place since the 1990s
06:15am(11/22) WEBMD - Smoking Plus Diabetes a Very Deadly Mix : Chances of an early death double if smoker also has the blood sugar disease, study finds
06:15am(11/22) WEBMD - A Benefit of Back Pain Surgery: Better Sex : Operation often leads to more comfortable lovemaking, study finds
06:15am(11/22) WEBMD - Heinz HomeStyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy Recalled : Heinz HomeStyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy Recalled
02:15pm(11/21) WEBMD - Gender Gap in Life Expectancy Persists : Genetics and riskier behaviors may help explain the difference, researchers say
02:15pm(11/21) WEBMD - Can Occupational Therapy Slow Alzheimer's Decline? : Patients, caregivers may reap some benefits, but study sees no effect on everyday functioning
10:19am(11/21) WEBMD - Bonus From Your BP Medicine: Fewer Fractures? : In study, a certain class of medications was tied to more resilient bones for older patients
10:15am(11/21) WEBMD - Drug Combo for AFib Might Raise Bleeding Risk : Study found heightened odds when blood thinner Pradaxa was taken with one of two statin drugs
10:15am(11/21) WEBMD - Fewer Americans Suffering From Dementia : Rates have dropped over last decade, and better education might be one reason why
07:51am(11/21) WEBMD - Uncertain Fate Of Health Law Giving Health Industry Heartburn : The effect of “repeal and replace” could have greatest consequences for hospitals. They accepted lower federal funding under the law because their uncompensated care was expected to fall as more people became insured.
06:35am(11/21) WEBMD - Sabra Hummus Products Recalled for Listeria Fears : Sabra Hummus Products Recalled for Listeria Fears
06:22am(11/21) WEBMD - TV Snack Ads Make Preschoolers Snack More : This happened even with kids who weren't hungry, researchers found
06:15am(11/21) WEBMD - Solo Teen 'Choking Game' Points to Suicide Risks : Kids who tried this game alone were almost 5 times more likely to think of killing themselves, study finds
10:15am(11/19) WEBMD - Poor Sleep Linked to Worsening Kidney Disease : But more shut-eye associated with better kidney function in study
06:15am(11/19) WEBMD - Lifestyle, Stress May Play Role in AFib : Adopting healthy behaviors might lower risk of atrial fibrillation, study suggests
04:15pm(11/18) WEBMD - Zika No Longer 'Global Health Emergency,' WHO Says : Spread of mosquito-borne virus is now a chronic issue, not an acute crisis, agency explains
02:15pm(11/18) WEBMD - Are You Ready for Flu Season? : Get your flu shot now, health officials urge
12:15pm(11/18) WEBMD - Bagged Salads May Be Fertile Ground for Bacteria : Study found juices released from damaged leaves encouraged salmonella spread
09:12am(11/18) WEBMD - How Can I Manage Ulcerative Colitis When I Travel? : Just because you’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis doesn’t mean you have to give away your frequent flier miles. WebMD shares tried-and-true travel tips will have you booking that dream vacation now.
06:15am(11/18) WEBMD - Smoking May Hinder Kidney Disease Drugs : To slow organ damage, patients should quit the habit, researchers say
06:15am(11/18) WEBMD - FDA Explains Pros, Cons of Permanent Birth Control : A drawback to one form is that it isn't effective until 3 months after placement
06:15am(11/18) WEBMD - E-Cigarettes Not Good to Gums, Study Finds : Nicotine, flavorings appear to play a role in tissue damage
04:15pm(11/17) WEBMD - Can Protein, Probiotics Aid Blood Sugar Control? : Simple dietary changes seem to reap important benefits, researchers say
04:15pm(11/17) WEBMD - Study Questions Need for PT After Ankle Sprain : Rates of 'excellent recovery' similar at 6 months, whether or not the therapy was received
02:18pm(11/17) WEBMD - CDC Reveals Top 5 Causes of Death : Good news is that many can be prevented
02:18pm(11/17) WEBMD - Do Women Who Have Kids Later Live Longer? : Those who give birth at age 25 or older more likely to live to 90, study suggests
02:15pm(11/17) WEBMD - Drug Stelara May Ease Crohn's Disease : Medication is potentially helpful for those who didn't find relief from other treatments, researchers say
12:22pm(11/17) WEBMD - Grated Cheese Products Recalled by 4C Foods : Grated Cheese Products Recalled by 4C Foods
12:15pm(11/17) WEBMD - U.S. Surgeon General Declares War on Addiction : Report calls for proven medical treatments and compassion to combat the national crisis
12:15pm(11/17) WEBMD - Low Blood Sugar Tied to Death Risk in Hospitalized : Association was seen even if patient did not have diabetes
06:22am(11/17) WEBMD - New Drug Approved for Postmenopause Sexual Pain : New Drug Approved for Postmenopause Sexual Pain