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10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 'SECURE' At least 1 dead, 10 sent to hospital following campus attack :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - WHAT DOES STEIN WANT? Trump team claims her push for recount is a scam :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - 'THIS HURTS ME' Vets protest at college after US flags removed :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - TRAGIC HOME ACCIDENT BYU coach's family to donate 3-year-old's organs :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - HIS OWN ATTORNEY Judge: SC church shooter can represent himself :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - You better watch out: FBI warns shoppers of Cyber Monday scams - With deals offered early, will shoppers buy as much? - VIDEO: The best Cyber Monday deals :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Thousands of Cubans pay respects to late dictator Fidel Castro :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Japan ice rink featuring frozen fish shuts down - VIDEO: Dead fish frozen in ice skating rink :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Wife of Putin aide sparks outrage after Holocaust-themed ice dance :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Suspect on deadly rampage killed in shootout with Louisiana deputies :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Prep school denounces white nationalist alumnus :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - UN workers abducted in Darfur :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - US airman who disappeared during late-night swim off Guam coast presumed dead - Air Force testing new maternity uniforms :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Airbnb horror story is cautionary tale for tourists - VIDEO: Think twice before renting on Airbnb :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Police detonate IED found near US Embassy in Philippines - VIDEO: Device similar to IED used to kill 50 people in market blast in early 2016 :
10:00am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Israel bombs alleged ISIS hideout in Syria - Syrian troops capture parts of rebel-held Aleppo :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Tesla gets trashed :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Pat's troubling Trump tweet :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Star slammed for nativity pic :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - 'Raiders' big reveals secrets :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Pics from Coco sex tape? :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Delta sorry for pro-Trumper :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - What's your butt telling you? :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Boston's strange goo deluge :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Mark blasts Trump Cabinet :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Cities cracking down on Airbnb :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Heidi Klum: I'm a nudist :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Civil War cabin for you? :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Inside the Chernobyl tomb :
09:31am(11/28) FOX NEWS - Tim Tebow on being cut :