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7:02 AM (11/28) TOPIX PARENTING - New study reveals lack of awareness from parents at spotting symptoms of meningitis : Parents admit they would struggle to identify the signs of meningitis, spot if their child was being bullied - or even perform CPR on a baby or child, a study has found. Millions also lack confidence in how to feed their newborn and how to monitor their children and teenagers online to keep them safe.
7:31 PM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - Power Imbalance During Divorce : During divorce , a shift in power may occur from parents to the children. Though everyone deserves power consistent with his or her position in a family, during divorce parents often do not perceive that they retain their parenting role as they process changes in response to formal court decisions, changes in living arrangements, and their own adjustments.
3:16 PM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - The Lowerarchy of Special-Needs Parenting : In parent-tot music class, the parents coo over each other's babies while maintaining an audible/internal dialogue that runs something like this: Your baby is adorable! But not as adorable as mine. Look at your baby, sitting up! How old is she? Let's just establish right now that she's older than my baby, which explains why she can sit up while my baby can't.
1:13 PM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - NSW motorcyclist dies after hitting tree : The man, believed to be in his 50s, hit a tree while driving on Chifley Road in Bell near Lithgow around 10am on Sunday, according to NSW police. South Australians not convinced the thylacine is extinct will meet on Sunday to trade sighting stories and watch a video that may be of the animal.
9:14 AM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - Night Light : There is a childish fear within every kid that comes out at night. In fact, when we think of the word "scared," the usual immediate thought is "scared of the dark."
5:13 AM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - Elementary school principal reaches out to Polk families : When Principal Badonna Dardis sent fliers home with Carlton Palmore Elementary students offering to visit one family's home each month, she didn't expect to get as many invites as she did. She received 226 - more than half the school's student population.
1:02 AM (11/27) TOPIX PARENTING - Toddler put in washing machine : A MOTHER left her son, then aged two, in a washing machine in a dark laundry and hid in a bedroom to get away from his screaming, a court has heard in a parenting case. The mother also inflicted "cruel, physical violence'' on her ex-husband's teenage children, and stole and tried to sell the prized boat he and his older children had built at home over 10 years.
9:00 PM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - Parachute Kids: China's confronting new parenting trend : WHEN Yuhan "Coco" Yang first arrived in America, she wanted to escape from her life in China where schooling would start at dawn and end at last light. So, like many parents in China - Yang's parents felt she would do better if she moved to the US to further her education.
4:53 PM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - Nude students protest Marcos burial Former Filipino dictator... : Thousands of Filipinos, including more than a dozen nude students, have protested against the hasty burial of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a heroes' cemetery. President Rodrigo Duterte was also targeted for allowing the burial of the dictator, who was ousted in a largely peaceful "people power" revolt three decades ago.
12:50 PM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - Goodfellows: Buckner provides more than foster care services : Placing kids with foster and adoptive families is the foundation for Buckner since it was established 137 years ago in Dallas. "What everybody is most familiar with is our foster care program," said Becky Robertson, ministry engagement coordinator for the West Texas branch of Buckner.
8:40 AM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - Positive Parenting with Chris Garner - routines : We want you to enjoy your visit to our website. That's why we use cookies to enhance your experience.
4:20 AM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - Parenting across culture : Lian Clark is a translater for the Kamloops YMCA/YWCA Nobody's Perfect parenting. Photograph By Keith Anderson/The Daily News And becoming a parent can be an isolating experience for a new mom.
12:19 AM (11/26) TOPIX PARENTING - No more paying for children's playing for 10 Hong Kong mums running their own parenting group : Hand-in-Hand is bucking the trend of splashing out big cash for playgroups with a more organic, home-grown approach Ten local mothers are bucking the trend of enrolling toddlers in pay-to-play playgroups by forming a more organic community to nurture their children. From reading groups to neighbourhood exhibitions showcasing art made from waste, a group of mums from Eastern district are sending a message that pay-to-play playgroups, which have become increasingly popular among new parents, should not be taken as the natural course for childrearing in a busy cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong.
8:14 PM (11/25) TOPIX PARENTING - Man dies after Greenfields house fire A man has died after a house fire in Greenfields overnight. : The 40-year-old man was rushed to Peel Health Campus by ambulance on priority conditions after a fire started on Buchanan Elbow about 12.15am. The Pilbara mining town of Port Hedland is in the grip of an alcohol-fuelled parenting crisis, with dozens of Aboriginal children roaming the streets each night and anti-social behaviour in the town Young women are stealing expensive clothing from high-end fashion boutiques in some of Perth's most prestigious suburbs in a bid to keep up appearances on social media.
3:59 PM (11/25) TOPIX PARENTING - Dear Abby: Fiance and his ex don't vaccinate their kids : Dear Abby : I'm engaged to a wonderful man I have been with for five years. We plan to get married as soon as his house sells and we can move into another home as a family.
1:52 PM (11/25) TOPIX PARENTING - Parenting Matters, But Especially for "Difficult" Kids : We've been all over the map when it comes to the view of how much parenting style matters in the development of child behavioral problems and disorders. From older days when cold mothering was thought to be the cause of autism to newer genetic hypothesis of behavior that make parenting sound almost irrelevant, we seem mostly to be moving towards a more balanced view that appreciates the crucial role of parenting in the context of many other mutually interacting factors.
9:25 AM (11/25) TOPIX PARENTING - If they believe in Santa, they may not believe you in the future : It's a tradition that can be just as fun for adults as it is for children. You lay out food for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, you put excited children to bed and then get to work arranging presents and eating Santa's snack.