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10:00am(11/28) SPACE - NASA X-Ray Tech Could Enable Superfast Communication in Deep Space : New NASA technology could use X-rays to transmit data at high rates over vast distances in outer space, as well as enable communications with hypersonic vehicles during re-entry, when radio communications are impossible.
10:00am(11/28) SPACE - Supermoon Party! Space Fan Helps Inspire New Skywatchers (Photos) : Amateur astronomer and space enthusiast Zack Payne wants more people to get excited about looking at the sky, so he threw a supermoon party for his peers to come together come together and check out the giant, glowing moon through his new telescope.
08:19am(11/28) SPACE - Fire In Space! Saffire Mission Conducts 2nd Round Of Tests | Video : NASA's Saffire-II experiment was conducted aboard Orbital Science's Cygnus spacecraft on Nov 21-22, 2016.
04:54am(11/28) SPACE - Image of the Day : Today is Mars' winter solstice, the first day of the Martian winter in the northern hemisphere. During the winter, temperatures can drop to minus 195 degrees F (minus 125 degrees C), and snowflakes made of frozen carbon dioxide fall from the sky.
04:47am(11/28) SPACE - Spire Deploys Four Small Satellites from Cygnus Cargo Ship : An Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo spacecraft deployed four small satellites for Spire Global on Friday (Nov. 25), the first time a cargo vessel deployed satellites above the orbit of the International Space Station (ISS).
04:46am(11/28) SPACE - SpaceX Investor Joins Trump Defense Transition Team : A principal in a venture capital fund whose investments include SpaceX has joined President-elect Donald Trump's transition team for the Department of Defense.
04:44am(11/28) SPACE - Nat Geo 'Mars' Series Explores Making a Home on the Red Planet : The third episode of the National Geographic series "Mars" airs tonight, and will explore the challenge of setting establishing up a long-term human settlement on the Red Planet.
04:43am(11/28) SPACE - Superbright Radio Burst Illuminates the Intergalactic Web : An extraordinarily luminous fast radio burst (FBR) — a brief, powerful emission of radio waves from a distant cosmic source — has revealed new clues about the web of matter that stretches between galaxies.
08:07am(11/27) SPACE - Check Out This Jaw-dropping Image of Jupiter and the Moon : Greg Diesel Walck took this image of Jupiter and the Moon from Moyock, North Carolina as a thunderstorm drifted across the horizon on August 5, 2016.
08:00am(11/27) SPACE - Under the Stars: Photographer Captures Stunning Taurid Meteor : Astrophotographer Jeff Berkes took this image from Assateague Island National Seashore along the eastern shores of Maryland on Nov. 5, 2016.
08:00am(11/27) SPACE - The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week! : See the best photos on this week.
05:00am(11/27) SPACE - Mars 160 Coverage: Training for a Manned Mission to Mars : On Sept. 24, 2016, seven explorers began an 80-day mission at the Mars Desert Research Station, a facility in the Utah desert operated by the nonprofit Mars Society. Learn all about the mission — part of the larger Mars 160 project — here.
06:40am(11/26) SPACE - Photographer's Deepest Sky View Reveals a Stunning Triangulum Galaxy : This image of M33 was taken by astrophotographer Chris Schur taken from Payson, Arizona in October 2016.
06:30am(11/26) SPACE - Incredible! Milky Way Shines Through a Midnight-Blue Sky (Photo) : Barbara Matthews took this image the first week of August from Donner Summit, a mountaintop on the northern Sierra Nevada range.
05:00am(11/26) SPACE - Mars Ice Deposit and Thanksgiving in Space: Week's Top Space Stories : Scientists found a buried ice deposit on Mars that holds more water than Lake Superior, and astronauts celebrated Thanksgiving aboard the International Space Station. Here are the most amazing things that happened in the universe this week.
06:00am(11/25) SPACE - Twinkling Stars: Skywatcher Snaps Stunning View of Pleiades Star Cluster : This image of M45, or the Pleiades star cluster, was taken by Ron Brecher in October 2016.
05:27am(11/25) SPACE - Notes from Mars 160: The Science Work We're Doing : Annalea Beattie talks about the science work she and her fellow Mars 160 crewmembers are performing in the Utah desert.
05:00am(11/25) SPACE - Watch Out for the Winking Eye of the Demon Star : Algol, the Demon Star, is right overhead in the Northern Hemisphere. Take a look up at the sky and see if you can catch this "prankster" winking.
06:30am(11/24) SPACE - Vector Space Raises Additional Funds to Support 2017 First Launch : Vector Space Systems said Nov. 18 that it has raised $1.25 million in funding to support development of its small launch vehicle, with a goal of a first launch by the end of next year.
05:44am(11/24) SPACE - Cassini Begins Saturn Ring Dives, Kicks Off Mission Finale : NASA's Cassini spacecraft begins a series of daring dives through Saturn's rings Nov. 30, the first step in the probe's "grand finale" investigation of the gas giant planet.