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11:50am(11/28) CNET - Three Cyber Monday deals on great Andrew Jones speakers - CNET : Three different speaker deals for the 2016 Cyber Monday including a $100 discount on the excellent Elac Uni-Fi UB5.
11:46am(11/28) CNET - 'Planet Earth II' shocker: Giraffe kicks lioness in the face - CNET : So much for the queen of the jungle and her pride. But it was neck-and-neck there for a minute.
11:56am(11/28) CNET - CNN taps a YouTube star to connect with millennials - CNET : The news giant is bringing in social media app Beme and its founders to build a brand new platform.
10:39am(11/28) CNET - BMW to introduce new i3 EV next year? - Roadshow : It's all part of BMW's push to sell more than 100,000 electric vehicles in the coming years.
10:11am(11/28) CNET - All the reasons why mobile shopping is terrible (The 3:59, Ep. 144) - CNET : For Cyber Monday, we chat about why buying stuff on a phone still stinks. Plus, Snapchat Spectacles!
10:00am(11/28) CNET - Tesla to begin Enhanced Autopilot rollout in 'about three weeks' - Roadshow : The full deployment is set to take months, and it's likely that more traditional safety systems will comprise the first releases.
10:57am(11/28) CNET - Amazon Echo's sleeper success wakes up - CNET : The Echo has sold more than 5 million units altogether -- with 2 million sold this year before the start of the holiday-shopping season.
11:56am(11/28) CNET - Sling TV launches cloud DVR feature hours before DirecTV Now unveiling - CNET : The feature launches in beta on Roku just as AT&T is about to reveal its rival DirecTV Now service.
11:44am(11/28) CNET - Is an iPhone with a curved OLED screen on the way? - CNET : Reports say the tech giant is asking its Asia suppliers for increased production of OLED screens.
08:21am(11/28) CNET - Volkswagen Arteon is your first look at the CC's successor - Roadshow : It will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March.
09:13am(11/28) CNET - Best Buy releases its top deals for Cyber Monday - CNET : For today only, you can get a $300 49-inch HDTV and a $100 Google Home.
08:59am(11/28) CNET - Cyber Monday sweeps social media - CNET : Social Cues: Twitter and Facebook users can't stop posting about the best deals.
07:33am(11/28) CNET - Gotta eat 'em all at new Pokemon Cafe in Singapore - CNET : A Pokemon cafe has popped up, just in time for the rise of Nintendo's new games: Sun and Moon.
07:42am(11/28) CNET - Samsung under pressure to split company in two - CNET : The company is expected to announce changes within the next 24 hours that could reward investors with more money.
08:03am(11/28) CNET - New Zealand plays nationwide Secret Santa, wins Christmas - CNET : The joyous game is powered by Twitter and the country's postal service.
05:53am(11/28) CNET - Buying stuff on your phone still sucks. Here's why - CNET : Mobile shopping is often a lousy experience, but things are getting better. You just have to be patient.
04:23am(11/28) CNET - Roadshow's emergency car kit giveaway - Roadshow : Enter to win* one of two emergency car kits just in time for your holiday travels. This promotion ends on December 15, 2016.
11:36pm(11/27) CNET - 'Rogue One' tickets are on sale: Deep breaths, Lord Vader - CNET : Fans reacted with Jedi joy, though some struggled to buy tickets online right at stroke of midnight.
11:12am(11/28) CNET - Watch a hydraulic press crush a $40,000 gold bar - CNET : Nothing gold can stay. This pricey gold bar meets a death straight out of a James Bond torture scene.
05:28pm(11/27) CNET - Trump claims millions voted illegally, Twitter aghast - CNET : Technically Incorrect: The president-elect, having already offered up a tweetstorm about the vote recount, comes back to tweet more controversially.
02:03pm(11/27) CNET - Dear noisy texters, please be quiet - CNET : Technically Incorrect: Some people simply never mute their phones. Why?
02:39pm(11/27) CNET - See what's inside a Furby Connect - CNET : Ever wonder what lurks inside the original Furby and the brand-new Furby Connect? Luckily, the YouTube channel What's Inside opens him up so you don't have to.
01:24pm(11/27) CNET - Even molten copper can't obliterate a rubber band ball - CNET : When pouring 1,984-degree liquid copper onto a ball of rubber bands, things get interesting.
12:46pm(11/27) CNET - Watch as a giant colosseum of dominoes gets demolished - CNET : YouTuber Hevesh5 spends four days setting up a colorful 3D structure using thousands of dominoes; then she topples them dramatically.
11:57am(11/27) CNET - Trump unleashes tweetstorm over recount, Hillary Clinton - CNET : Technically Incorrect: The president-elect is unhappy that Greens and Democrats are participating in a push for a vote recount in Wisconsin and elsewhere.