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05:40am(11/23) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Trump shifts on Clinton, climate. : In an hour-long interview with the New York Times, the president-elect also dismissed any need to separate himself from his
09:57am(11/21) THEDAILYCLIMATE - What Trump really means for global progress on climate change. : Why climate diplomats aren't giving up on making headway against greenhouse emissions as they head home from
04:28am(11/16) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Ban 'optimistic' as leaders tackle climate change in Trump shadow. : Donald Trump's election loomed large over climate talks on Tuesday where UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged nations to redouble their planet-rescue efforts and voiced hope the US would not pull out of its
04:21am(11/14) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Audi software can distort emissions in tests, VW says. : Audi cars with automatic transmissions have technology capable of distorting emissions when they are tested, Volkswagen said, as its luxury flagship is battling allegations over a reported discovery of a new cheat software
07:41am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Floating homes: A solution to flooding, crowded cities and unaffordable housing. : Architects from Amsterdam to Lagos are building on water to try to tackle the twin urban pressures of population density and climate
07:41am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Prince Charles joins clean soil project to combat climate change. : Prince of Wales says soil health is of 'critical importance' as he joins initiative to keep carbon locked in the world’s
05:26am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - The ambitious Clinton climate plan nobody is talking about. : Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a detailed 10-year energy, environment and climate plan. But you likely know nothing about
11:15am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - VIDEO: No one saw Tesla’s solar roof coming. : Elon Musk just showed us the grand unification of Tesla: fast cars, big batteries, and a stunning solar
05:26am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Con Ed says plan to install rooftop solar panels will aid poor New Yorkers. : More than 10,000 New York City residents are using solar power to reduce their electric bills. But hardly any of those people converting the sun's rays into savings are
05:36am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Scientist goes it alone on climate change to save his state. : Facing opposition from politicians, this North Carolina scientist is urging coastal communities to get ready for rising
06:13am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Sharks equipped to handle climate change. : Sharks have their teeth on more than just prey. They can also take the bite out of climate
06:13am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Fish pretend it's night to cope with warming oceans. : A Great Barrier Reef resident reveals a surprising strategy for surviving climate
05:27am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Converting Oregon coal plant to biomass stokes controversy. : Plans to convert a coal-fired power plant in Oregon into what would be the nation’s largest biomass facility will be tested before year’s end when 8,000 tons of toasted wood thinned from a national forest is burned to ensure compatibility with the power plant’s
07:38am(10/31) THEDAILYCLIMATE - An end to old-growth logging in Alaska’s Tongass? : The Forest Service plans to gradually stop clear-cutting old growth in the forest over the next 16 years, but some scientists and conservationists say the phase-out is too
04:08pm(10/28) THEDAILYCLIMATE - 10 years on from the Stern report: A low-carbon future is the 'only one available.' : The British economist says green development is the only route to global economic growth and points to China leading the world on climate change
04:08pm(10/28) THEDAILYCLIMATE - New oil discoveries largely unaffected by Paris pact. : Large crude oil discoveries in 2016 face uncertain prospects of development for many reasons, but climate change isn’t one of them, at least for the
04:06pm(10/28) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Warming boosts ocean algae blooms, with potential ripple effects to come. : A common type of photoplankton is reproducing earlier, research finds, pointing to wider impacts among marine
06:36am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Australia experiencing more extreme fire weather, hotter days as climate changes. : Australia is already experiencing an increase in extreme conditions - and it's projected to get
06:53am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Clinton, Trump energy advisers spar on Paris, coal and cows. : A surrogate for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down yesterday on promises to exit the Paris climate agreement and enact a technology-neutral energy strategy in the hope it might help the struggling coal
06:54am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Dakota Access pipeline company and Donald Trump have close financial ties. : Donald Trump’s close financial ties to Energy Transfer Partners, operators of the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline, have been laid bare, with the presidential candidate invested in the company and receiving more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from its chief
06:54am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Native American leaders decry increasingly harsh treatment of Dakota Access protesters. : After police arrest more than 100, reportedly using pepper spray and shooting down a drone, Standing Rock Sioux chairman asks the Department of Justice to step
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - An incinerator with a view: Copenhagen waste plant gets ski slope and picnic area. : The Amager Bakke plant - designed by celebrated architect Bjarke Ingels - boasts that it will provide social as well as environmental infrastructure near the centre of the city. Can industry become part of the urban fabric once again?
09:57am(10/28) THEDAILYCLIMATE - How China's politics of control shape the debate on deserts. : Troy Sternberg, an Oxford researcher, shares his views on why government efforts to hold back the growth of deserts are exacerbating the
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - 'Really horrified': Oilsands under the spotlight in Leo DiCaprio's new climate change doc. : Canada features prominently in Leonardo DiCaprio's new climate-change documentary Before The Flood and director Fisher Stevens said he was "really horrified" by scenes of the oilsands in northeastern
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Aboriginal, environmental groups to sue Canada over Petronas LNG project. : Aboriginal and environmental groups plan to file lawsuits on Thursday against the government of Canada to overturn the permit for a controversial $27 billion liquefied natural gas project in British Columbia, representatives of the groups
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - House is 'more dysfunctional than it appears.' : In the wake of historic floods that inundated Baton Rouge, La., this summer, freshman Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) made his entire staff travel to disaster-stricken areas to help gut houses and speak with devastated
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - Leonardo DiCaprio calls out lack of climate change talk during presidential debates. : Leonardo DiCaprio traveled to almost every corner of the globe while making his new climate change documentary, "Before the Flood." But back in America, the Oscar-winning actor wishes more attention was being paid to the issue, particularly during the recent presidential
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - This fabric captures energy to power your electronic devices. : In the future, your clothes will work for you. A team of scientists led out of the Georgia Institute of Technology has created a fabric that can gather energy from both sunlight and motion, then store it in embedded
04:46am(10/27) THEDAILYCLIMATE - New projects boost Europe's attractiveness to renewables investors. : Earlier this year it was starting to look worryingly like Europe was slamming into reverse gear with its clean energy
11:37am(11/1) THEDAILYCLIMATE - How fossil fuel use threatens kids’ health. : Pollution and climate impacts of burning coal, oil and gas take a high toll, globally, on child